Monday, October 29, 2007

ScanBuy’s ScanLife, PWC ... With A Bullet!

Billboard will print (along side of their advertising) ScanLife “Barcodes” that will display to the user’s cellphone screen the current Billboard Top 100 List! Image Credit: ScanBuy

ScanBuy’s ScanLife, PWC ... With A Bullet!

After years of successful implementation throughout the world, U.S. cellphone service carriers begin a pilot to test the viability of symbology driven cameraphone consumer applications.

ScanBuy, the developer of two-dimensional “Barcodes” for use as a way to automate camera equipped cellphones to be directed to and display information from cell display formatted websites (Physical World Connection/Physical World Hyperlink), has entered into pilot agreements with Sprint.

Sprint is now willing to test the concept of Physical World Connection in a new pilot agreement on selected cellphone platforms with 2-D Codes developed by ScanBuy and Billboard Magazine. Billboard will print (along side of their advertising) ScanLife “Barcodes” that will display to the user’s cellphone screen the current Billboard Top 100 List!

Here is a sampling as to what be done with ScanLife or any symbology designed to work with the low resolution cameras found on cellphones. Image Credit: ScanBuy

This will be a great aid for those who are shopping for music as a gift for the holiday season.

To get ScanLife on your mobile phone, text SCAN to 70734 or go to (linked to photo above) to download the free trial application. After you have ScanLife on your phone, start scanning EZCodes and make your own. It's EZ. Image And Link Credit: ScanBuy

Truth is, the function of symbology driven applications for cameraphones has been around a long time to the benefit of cameraphone users (a subject written about here at Symblogogy numerous times). It is about time for all service providers to open up their phones to multiple PWC/PWH developers and applications thereby open up the usefulness of the cellphone to everyone … consumers and advertisers alike.

Image Credit: ScanBuy

This test with Billboard Magazine, along with a host of other potential advertisers, will establish ScanBuy as being the first U.S. Physical World Connection company to land a cellphone service carrier and major brand advertiser for a mobile "barcode"/symbology campaign pilot.

So as it relates to rise of PWC/PWH applications on the Billboard Magazine Charts ... ScanBuy becomes Number One With A Bullet!


dlethe01 said...

Have you downloaded NeoReader yet?
Please, tell us about it.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Scanbuy reader. I was surprised by a few things. First, the application is only available on Sprint. Second, it is about 250K, quite bloated compared to other scanning applications. This is a highly proprietary solution that uses only the EZcode format. It does seem to be able to read Data Matrix as well, but it gives an error message on all of the codes I tried that the codes were not valid. Apparently, they must be in Scanbuy's secret format to work.

The product does not really seem ready to launch. On the Scanlife site there are links to create your own personal codes or business codes but when I went to them.

Also, when I picked up my copy of Billboard this week, I had expected to see codes. But there was nothing, not even one. What is happening?

ecj said...


I just have to guess that it comes down to the old marketing adage "Timing Is Everything” – the press release beats the implementation of the pilot!

Thanks for the feedback … I will forward this posting to ScanBuy and see if they choose to respond.


Anonymous said...

ScanLife is in 'Beta' so not every feature is going to be rolled out right away.
Also they explain which codes work and answer other questions on the FAQ page:

Can I scan other codes with ScanLife besides EZcodes?

Inside the U.S. you can scan EZcodes. Please see the international capabilities here (

Anonymous said...

How about a late, but important comment.. According to GSMA (700 Mobile Phone Carriers) and the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) are working together to bring all carriers to read all codes, from all suppliers. EZCode, DataMatrix, Aztec, 1D, QR Code, etc. Any phone reading any code - with an underlying link to any provider. This is great. A user can read any code, get linked to the code originator, and read the intended screen result. All open. I look forward to this happening. Looks like CTIA is on the same road.