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The Photoshop Fifty - Crafted Images Of Our Age

Fifa Under 20 World Cup – Toronto Image Credit:

The Photoshop Fifty - Crafted Images Of Our Age

This posting from Graphic Design Blog was so interesting ... I decided to post the whole thing here.

Many really do not know exactly how good computer graphics programs that manipulate images are. Great manipulations or manipulations that are mistakes, it makes little difference because the average person may sense something might be a little peculiar but most who view the image, see the larger picture, and move on.

Do not believe what you see in this mashed up image/symbol world!

This excerpted and edited from Graphic Design Blog -

50 Photoshopped Advertising Designs - The Wonders and Blunders!!

Charlie B. Johnson

Interesting ads brilliantly convey a brand’s message to its targeted audience and potential clients. Moreover, Photoshop techniques are used nowadays to make these ads more appealing and expressive. But, be careful…. Photoshop techniques can make the print ads look creative, funny, intelligent and at times a DISASTER. It does not only add more colors to your product advertisements but if used carelessly it can harm your brand’s strong image.

Using high quality Photoshop techniques, print ads can be turned out into big wonders but have you ever seen Photoshop blunders…check some here.

Don’t forget to tell which of these you enjoyed the most….Wonders or the Blunders?

Photoshop Blunders:

1) Dust Jeans - Let’s Hold Hands: The tagline suggests the gesture of holding hands but unfortunately the person, to whom other hand belongs, is missing in the picture.
Dust Jeans - Let's Hold Hands

2) Tiger Woods in Washington Post: The image shows a clear blunder with Phil Mickelson is standing in front of Tiger Woods and both players looking in opposite direction for the same ball.
Tiger Woods in Washington Post

3) Garnier: On a closer look of this Garnier Hair Color ad you will notice that the lady is not holding the cherries and the hands are shopped in.

4) Torchwood: The image is a clear blunder as both hands are either right or left.

5) Pepsi Photoshop cans: The reflection is off. It should be straight-down parallel with the can, but actually leans forward.
Pepsi Photoshop cans

6) Lexar 8GB: The reflection of the SD card has "4GB" as the memory, not 8GB like in the picture.
Lexar 8GB

7) Azoogle: You can easily witness that the “Big Amount” check has been shopped in, as the check is missing in the reflection of car and man’s shadow.

8 ) Braking The Cycle:
The back wheel of the cycle is half gone but a failed attempt has been made to make it appear as a complete cycle.
Braking The Cycle

9) Unwigged & Unplugged: Two hands on the guy’s shoulders, both belong to the guy on the right somehow.
Unwigged & Unplugged

10) Paris-Match: You can only see the legs of a man behind Sawkozy who was later chopped out from the picture.

11) StarGate: An additional lady face has been shopped on the right end.

12) INFDaily: I don’t think I need to point out an additional hand at Beyonce’s back.

13) Studier in Halle:
Studier in Halle

14) Formoza:

15) Nestle Loops:
Nestle Loops
16) Street Hear:
Street Hear

17) TuttoSport:

Wonders of Advertisement Designs:

Talking about advertising designs, you always expect some great ideas and concepts to sparkle your eyes. Here are some vibrant, punchy and conceptually strong print ads, which you will regret if miss them.

Architect’07 Fair – Thai house hair
Architect’07 Fair – Thai house hair

Johnson & Johnson, Sundown
Johnson & Johnson, Sundown

Clinic All Clear – Smoke
Clinic All Clear – Smoke

Fifa Under 20 World Cup – Toronto
Fifa Under 20 World Cup – Toronto

McCormick – Chicken
McCormick – Chicken

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Natural Mineral Water – Watermelon
Natural Mineral Water – Watermelon

Onitsuka Tiger – Shoe
Onitsuka Tiger – Shoe

PlayStation 2-Death by Ninja
PlayStation 2-Death by Ninja

SPI Insulating Windows – Ice
SPI Insulating Windows – Ice

WWF- Homeless Polar bear
WWF- Homeless Polar bear

Yamaha X-City – Elephant
Yamaha X-City – Elephant

Fly Emirates:
Fly Emirates


Green Peace:
Green Peace

Coca Cola:
Coca Cola
Dunkin Donuts:
Dunkin Donuts
Ray Ban:
Ray Bax



M&M’s - Personalized M&M’s:
M&M's - Personalized M&M's


Lifebuoy Handwash:
Lifebuoy Handwash


Ashtanga Yoga Center:
Ashtanga Yoga Center

WMF Knives:
WMF Knives


Event Brand:
Event Brand

Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV:
Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV

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