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Ricoh's eWriter Combo Solution Automates Knowledge Management

The "eQuill" secure, WiFi enabled, digital clipboard interface [ctrl-click image to launch demo video]. Image Credit: Ricoh eWriter Solutions

Ricoh's eWriter Combo Solution Automates Knowledge Management

We scan in thousands of paper pages to memory, index the images so that we can locate them in a relevant search, have special permissions and authorizations captured on paper and wish to have these added to our digital Knowledge Management/Information Technology (KM/IT) process environment. Locating, tracking, utilizing, capturing, and just general Information Technology process could drive the average, yet intelligent person to be completely lost without a process handbook. Being able complete a task could take an incredible amount of time and direct knowledge about the transaction map in order to receive the desired result.

Having a heads up display, just as pilots have in order to know what is going on with the craft they are flying, would be nice to have in order to be able to deal with the demands and transactions that occur in a typical corporate KM/IT environment.

Head's Up! - Ricoh's eWriter Solutions combination for a paperless transaction, and more efficient KW/IT world. Image Credit: Ricoh eWriter Solutions

Enter Ricoh and the eWriter Solutions "eQuill" WiFi-enabled control tablet that can be used as a digital clipboard combined with Ricoh's cloud services enterprise software to bring a head's up mentality or focus to the KM/IT processes and workflow one encounters on a daily basis. The eWriter Solutions eQuill eliminates paper as it automates capture, storage, and maintenance of a KM/IT environment from point-of-capture to point-of-audit.

The Ricoh eWriter Solutions system improves business efficiencies by moving paper processes ... online. The tablet control interface delivers all the qualities of paper by bringing all that people like about working with paper ... to the eQuill digital clipboard.

The Ricoh eWriter Solutions system embodies all the advantages of business-class KM/IT by extending secure KM/IT services to the edges of any organization. The eQuill interface automates IT without altering the current workflow used today. Use the tablet interface as one would a clipboard and achieve accurate, lower cost, and higher quality barrier-breaking results over traditional, non-online, paper-based approaches.

The Ricoh eQuill system solution allows one to reduce the paper in a process from a typical workflow from a possible eight (8) steps to just two (2).

TYPICAL Paper-Based Process:

Image Credit: Ricoh eWriter Solutions

Ricoh eWriter Solutions eQuill digital clipboard system:

Image Credit: Ricoh eWriter Solutions

Image Credit: Ricoh eWriter Solutions

Depending on the Knowledge Management/Information Technology environment, the advantages of barrier-breaking results are almost boundless. At Ricoh, the eWriter Solutions eQuill system solution is all about workflow automation and bridging the "paper gaps" that exist in every KM/IT critical communications workflow process.

What do the "paper gaps" (leakage) cost an average business? Well, in most cases the Ricoh eWriter Solutions eQuill paperless approach delivers a Return-On-Investment of around six (6) months. When most business operations consider a good decision is one that can deliver cost advantage benefits within a two (2) year ROI timeframe ... a six month ROI decision becomes a no-brainer.

Who needs an eQuill digital clipboard for secure, paperless communications? Image Credit: Ricoh eWriter Solutions

So, if your Health Care, Document Management, Mobile, Field Service, Product Delivery, On-Site Construction, Factory Floor, and etc. Workforce could use a tool as revolutionary as a pilot's head's up display, like an online, digital clipboard combined with cloud services management [complete with routing simplification, audit intelligence, tamper proof, evidence ready, standards compliant (HIPAA, FIPS Validated, SAS 70 Audited), functionality], then Ricoh's eWriter Solutions eQuill digital clipboard system solution is ready to work for your Knowledge Management/Information Technology, secure paper functions, of your business.

Released in the United States on June 1, 2011 with the rest of the world to follow soon.

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