Saturday, December 23, 2006

Biggest Readable AutoID Code ... Ever!

A QR Code printed 36 feet by 36 feet on a banner and hung on the side of a building in Hiroshima, Japan. Image Credit: PlusD Mobil/IT Media, Inc.

Biggest Readable AutoID Code ... Ever!

A new first, and it comes back to the strength and dynamics of the best Auto ID Code created. The Quick Response Code (QR Code) that was first developed by DENSO Wave (a Toyota company) is finding its way around the applications world in many and unique open and closed source application environments.

In this case, this application and display (pictured above) may go down as the World's Largest readable automatic identification symbology EVER ... that is if the Guiness Book of World Records agrees.

This QR Code was created and displayed on the side of a new apartment building in Hiroshima, Japan. Since most of the camera mobile phones in Japan take clear pictures, users can just snap the QR code and read the content with their cellphone.

The information contained in the cameraphone readable display has the URL of the website for the apartment along with other information such as a map and directions to this location.

Directly translated form Japanese to English at Plus D Mobil -

Plus D Mobil/IT Media, Inc.

Recognition of the QR cord/code corresponds at many of camera equipped carrying, the object just is photographed has URL to ahead the notification sight and the feature which can verify various character string informations with carrying. The thought of utilizing also the expedient which can acquire information easily with impact and carrying of the super enormous QR cord/code the leaflet and the television and the newspaper etc in addition to the announcement expedient which has done from the past, liking to do notiifying widely.

As for size of announcement curtain 15.3 (height) ×14.58 (width) as for meter and size of QR cord/code 10.97 (height) ×10.97 (width) meter. The same company makes “size the greatest in the world as the QR cord/code which can be grasped,” is the register application to the Guinness book that it did.

Installation features of enormous QR cord/code

Installation features: The hiroshima city Aki Ku Yanotou 1 Chome wall surface of "[hurorensu] Yanotou gland arc first mansion" and "[hurorensu] Yanotou gland arc second mansion"

Installation period: [hurorensu] Yanotou gland arc first mansion: 2006 December ~2007 year

February schedule: [hurorensu] Yanotou gland arc second mansion septentrional wall surface: 2007 March ~2007 year

May schedule: Information of offer Apartment feature, campaign contents, model room MAP other things
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