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Auto ID meets TIME Magazine’s Person Of The Year!

Time Magazine cover of December 25, 2006. Cover reads - "Yes you. You control the information age. Welcome to your world." Image Credit: Time Inc.

Auto ID meets TIME Magazine's Person Of The Year!


As the Time Magazine cover says, "Yes You! ... but at ShopperTrak, it is not what you think.

When someone thinks of triggers for Auto ID and tracking, one instantly thinks of barcodes, or RFID tags, or even biometrics like fingerprints. At ShopperTrak, its you … your body moving through time and space in an "X", "Y" field.

At NRF's Big Show (this week in New York at the Jacob Javitz Center) ShopperTrak is a featured technology in the NRF X07 Ultimate Pop-Up Boutique located in Booth 2555. What this technology does with two tiny CCD cameras mounted at about ceiling height is unobtrusive and invalueable.

The most accurate and most popular customer traffic counter in the industry, ShopperTrak's Orbit utilizes an on-board video sensor with high speed processing components to unobtrusively track customers' movements. Image Credit: ecj

American Eagle Outfitters, Payless Shoes, and Chicago's O'Hare airport, have found that the ability to track a person's (body) movement through a space and the information that comes from analyzing these movements, returns great dividends to their business effort.

Excerpts from ShopperTrak –

Retail Intelligence Leader to Provide Real-Time Pedestrian Foot Traffic Count During State-of-the-Art Exhibit at NRF's 96th Annual Convention, January 14-17, in NYC
By ShopperTrack - January 8, 2007 - Chicago

ShopperTrak RCT, the world's leading provider of retail traffic intelligence solutions and services, will be the exclusive provider of traffic intelligence for the National Retail Federation's (NRF) X07 "Store of the Future" exhibit during the group's 96th Annual "Big Show," January 14-17, at New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

NRF's X07 is a state-of-the-art pop-up boutique that will feature the most innovative technologies and futuristic design elements aimed at captivating the ever elusive young adult shopper, as well as interactive kiosks and displays throughout the 11,000-square-foot exhibit. Featuring multiple vendors, X07 will resemble a miniature version of a future store - highlighting the newest technologies such as cell phone interaction, colorful and dynamic light displays, floating sound and theatre systems, digital wireless floor video displays, and RFID payment and self-checkout kiosks.

ShopperTrak (Booth #2405), will employ its Orbit retail intelligence system, which utilizes an on-board video sensor and multiple high-speed microprocessors to unobtrusively measure foot traffic, to track attendees entering and exiting the innovatively designed X07 exhibit . With the Orbit sensor positioned at the exhibit's entrance point, ShopperTrak will stream traffic data to a video display allowing show attendees and exhibitors alike to view the X07 traffic count in real time. Additionally, NRF will have the ability to effectively track head count throughout the lifespan of X07, allowing the organization to identify the most heavily-trafficked time spans throughout the two-day exhibit.

In a retail environment, ShopperTrak's Orbit technology provides the precise data needed to make key business decisions, telling managers how many shoppers enter the store, as well as allowing them to calculate their conversion rate, or how many of those shoppers are converted to sales. ShopperTrak's web-based Retail Traffic Analyzer seamlessly integrates extensive data from the Orbit sensor and delivers a series of user-friendly analysis tools, dashboards and reports to help store managers see their periods of peak traffic, or Power Hours™, and be able to plan for appropriate staffing to optimize conversions.

"As anticipated, the 2006 holiday season was very solid for retailers, with the bulk of this year's strength coming from Black Friday and both the Friday and Saturday before Christmas," noted Bill Martin, co-founder of ShopperTrak - pictured here in front of the display of the ShopperTrak read-out panels in the NRF X07 Ultimate Pop-Up Boutique. Image Credit: ecj

"ShopperTrak's participation in the most innovative exhibit of the industry's premier event is a great compliment to our position as a leader in retail intelligence and traffic-counting solutions," said Bill Martin, co-founder of ShopperTrak. "The opportunity to present real-time traffic data for the X07 exhibit, will allow show attendees to experience a concept that has become a mainstay in retail environments throughout the country."
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