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mCode Mobility Symbology Is Making Moves

Examples of Nextcode's mCode when paired up with a corporate "physical world connection" or hyperlink that communicates information directly to one’s cellphone --- "Just Point, Shoot, And Watch" --- Information at one's fingertips. Image Credit: Nextcode/ConnexTo/The Pondering Primate

mCode Mobility Symbology Is Making Moves

Most people are familiar with barcodes; they appear on almost every product we purchase. These barcodes are used to identify the products we purchase so that the pricing and other information (inventory and etc.) is easily retrieved from a computer database. In the case of a barcode, it is a little like a license plate.

But what happens when one wants more than simple identification from a symbology? The symbology has to evolve to meet the application.

When cellphones with cameras were first introduced, most thought ... "How novel, now I don't have to carry two devices in my travels, I have communications and a way to capture my travel experience. How cool, but don't I get better images from a dedicated camera?"

Enter the information age through a better symbology. Enter Nextcode.

This mission statement from the Nextcode website -


Nextcode's mission is to help remove the usability barriers to mobile content, commerce and services. We help eliminate countless keystrokes, bypass cumbersome menus and thus help companies improve their services, better merchandise content, expand offerings and enhance customer satisfaction. By doing so, they increase revenue, build loyalty and create happy customers.

Nextcode Logo - Image Credit: Nextcode Corp

At Nextcode, we see camera phones as just the beginning. In fact, if you look closely, it’s not really a camera inside your handset at all. Rather, it's an image sensor that just happens to have the software to process image data into photos. But the potential for mobile imaging is exponentially greater than taking snapshots. And we provide the enabling technology to help you offer services, provide benefits, open opportunities and make consumers’ mobile experiences easier, richer, and more fun.

Let us help you open up imaging opportunities for your business, because today, in their phones, hundreds of millions of consumers are carrying image sensors everywhere they go. Image sensors, coupled to powerful processors, wirelessly linked to the Internet. Hundreds of millions more are coming soon.

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Ok! so now one has a code that is more easily read by a cellphone, but what does this mean to me? How am I or my company able to access the power of this new type of communication power?

Create your own physical world connection. Create a hyperlink to a website that is tailored to be seen by a cellphone screen.

Enter ConnexTo, a service of Nextcode.

This from ConnexTo (TM) -


ConnexTo is a product of Nextcode Corporation, a leader in barcode scanning solutions for camera phones. We help remove usability barriers to mobile content, commerce and services. Our solutions help eliminate countless keystrokes and bypass cumbersome menus help consumers do more with their phones. We also help companies improve their services, better merchandise content, expand offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

ConnexTo Logo - Image Credit: Nextcode Corp.

ConnexTo uses mCode, a special 2D code format developed specifically for camera phones and mobile applications. mCode is based on patent pending technology based on years of R&D with image sensors, optics, and camera phone applications. It provides breakthroughs in flexibility, data density, aesthetics, and performance. As a result, it is easy to use with standard cell phones. mCode is also designed for the requirements of advertisers, mobile content providers and consumers who want to open up the possibilities of a wide range of capabilities of mobile phones, content and commerce.

Use your camera to take you to websites in a snap. Enter SMS messages without wearing out your fingers. Share detailed contact info with just a click. ConnexTo makes your phone smarter, your life easier and your fingers a lot happier.

Just load application on your phone and you're ready to do a lot more than take pictures. At you can create your own codes, share them and then connect with friends, co-workers, content and an entirely new mobile experience.

ConnexTo. It's easy. It's fun. And - best of all - it's FREE.
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Here are some examples of applications designed to reach out and communicate via Nextcode's mCode and ConnexTo (through a service called WINKsite).

One can even create a link of communication to a human … or government official. Why not, say, President Bush? Image Credit: Nextcode/ConnexTo

Here’s an example of a corporate application that would help a customer get the most out of the product they produce. How to cook a Butterball Turkey at Thanksgiving --- “Just Point, Shoot, And Watch”. Image Credit: Nextcode/ConnexTo/Butterball

Using WINKsite,( anyone can set up their own mobile site in minutes that's available worldwide from any web-enabled phone or desktop PC. Each mobile site is outfitted with RSS-friendly features that make it easy to glue together content from blogs and feeds with community features such as chat, forums and polls. Over 10,000 individual publishers and brands have created direct-to-consumer mobile portals and sites. WINKsite - Your Life. Your Friends. Your World. Image Credit: Nextcode/ConnexTo/WINKsite

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