Friday, March 30, 2007

PWC/PWH Becomes Commercially Practical

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PWC/PWH Becomes Commercially Practical

What you may see here is a code that offers something a little bit different than the average code. The Trillcode, developed by LARK Computers of Romania (Yes!, Romania) allows the user of the code development tool to insert information ... and here is the kicker - graphic identification image files. That's right - LOGO's!

Trillcode beta test tool allows one to create a PWC/PWH with a logo embedded in the field. Image Credit: LARK Computers

Now, because the Trillcode allows one to place graphic identification information into the Physical World Connection/Hyperlink, the process of using the phone and "grabbing code" becomes a little more intuitive.

Hypothetically, a national franchise service enterprise can now reinforce their logo and elevate their brand awareness through the use of Trillcode cellphone connection codes.

ROOTER-MAN Logo "As Seen On TV" embedded into a Trillcode that contains contact information. Image Credit: ROOTER-MAN and Trillcode via Symblogogy

This from a press release issued by LARK Computers (March 22, 2007) -

Today Lark Computers, a Romanian company, introduced the second version of its Trillcode reader. The new release greatly enhance the maximum content length decoding ability, to reach 210 characters on medium-high-end phones. Also it is the first time when a mobile barcode reader is used to process and send order forms or play melodies. The next version of the reader application will double the currently maximum values.

Mr. Cozmin Tircob, Managing Director of Lark Computers said: "We are looking to embed an entire application inside the barcode. Our future product, currently under development, will benefit from the extended storing capacity of the Trillcode. This will give our barcode another dimension and will allow companies using the Trillcode encoder to build in minutes a customized mobile application and deploy it in a barcode."

The application can be used to briefly present the company, products, services and allow clients to order or send feedbacks from "one click away". There will be options to receive news or advertisements from the company if a network connection is available.

The Trillcode reader is available as a free download at and can be tested at

Also it's possible to make your own vCard code ( with picture.

Not above self-promotion, Symblogogy took a stab at it. If we can do it, so can you. Go to the test sites provided above and check it out for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

um... those code/symbol/tags whatever... are being used here in South Korea (and Japan), and have been used since a long time ago... 2002-ish :/