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Sex And The Web 2.0 - Or, When Denim Meets QR Code

French model wearing the first web-enabled, cellphone-interactive upscale casualware denim (jeans). Image Credit: Denim Code Press Release

Sex And The Web 2.0 - Or, When Denim Meets QR Code

Never has a symbology or denim jeans material ever looked so good.

This type of branding and marketing really has a way of catching ones attention. Let us not miss what is important here though, and that is? ... you ask!

Denim Code Tag (logo) example. Image Credit: Denim Code Press Release

The use of a symbology to act as a logo and a brand identification vehicle through which one is able to access additional information, videos, and even purchase goods from ones phone. One might say, with the code on the denim, these jeans are interactive.

Scan code process graphically depicted. With the code scanned, one might be directed to video images, or even a retail purchase website. Image Credit: Denim Code Press Release Website

Denim Code is a strong example of the future "Web 2.0" world to come ... where (in theory) everyone and everything will have an identifier, a symbology, a link associated with it so that people will be able to find out more information just by taking a picture with the phone camera, and the phone reaches out to a web location somewhere and displays the information that is linked.

The Denim Code, according to Christian-Fran├žois Viala, one of the founders of the brand, is based on a QR Code (Quick Read) first created by Denso WAVE in Japan (for use in automobile manufacturing).

The QR Code was designed to be read at moving speeds of up to 2 meters a second making it uniquely suited for cellphone PWC/PWH (physical world connection/physical world hyperlink) applications.

The move tolerance of the QR based Denim Code allows one to catch and decode the logo on the move. Little or no technique is required by the operator of the phone camera in order to achieve the desired decoded effect!
Reference Here>> (translation in English from French - Gizmoto France)

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